Erin Fabian



My name is Erin, and I am a Marine Biology and Sustainability dual major with a minor in Spanish. I grew up in Orange County, California and came to the University of New Hampshire for college in 2016. I am now a senior, and I will be graduating this May. I enjoy surfing, dancing, exploring new places and trying different types of food.

I have had a profound interest in the environment since I was about 13 years old. This finally  took shape when I read Thomas Friedman’s novel Hot, Flat, and Crowded during college, and my passion truly solidified itself. I began to see how much needed to be done in the field of sustainability, and I started to picture how I could be a part of it. Although the repercussions of inaction were also daunting to consider, the opportunity to make meaningful change on a global level excited me. I began getting involved in clubs on campus that focused on bettering the environment, such as Students for Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC). I also interned at a Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, California and at a recycling company known as Recyclia in Madrid, Spain. I took away valuable information from each of these uniquely different opportunities. I hope to continue gaining knowledge and experience in different sectors of this field and remaining optimistic about the scale of change we can all make together.

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