Future in Sustainability

Similar to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that I have incorporated with my primary major, I feel that a background in sustainability will serve me well in the work force. With a strong foundation in the sustainable basics gained from our 401 class, a good understanding of sustainable methods from 501, and an idea of how to implement them into real world issues from our capstone course, I feel that sustainability will prove beneficial in any field. The background provided from both sustainability and my primary major orient around similar themes to provide a global understanding of the worlds complexities. The methods taught in 501 provided an understanding of how to deal with these complex global issues, by a means of collaboration and various forms of research. Going forward I feel strongly that my background in sustainability, will provide the edge I need to acheive a good job after gradution. 

Graduating with a degree in Environmental Geography and Sustainability, I hope to attain a job relative to that field. Preferably something environmentally based, due to my interest in the outdoors and hands on work. Something that will make a change in society is my main interest in a future career. Urban and environmental planning have peaked my interest throughout my job search and is still a possible contender. For the last three years of college I have served in a kitchen at a biotech and pharmaceutical company called Lonza. Up until recently I was unaware that they have an environmental monitoring department within their facilities, meaning they test the grounds they operate on to ensure there is no polluting. Aside from these possibilities, I have also considered applying to work for the company Clean Harbors, which is a pollution clean up company that has a sustainable focus. As a senior in college it is definitely a little unsettling to not have an exact career path. However, no matter what I pursue I know that my knowledge, attitudes, and skills learned here at UNH will benefit me. 

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