Global Enviromental Change

My second elective was a class that helped me create a strong passion for sustainability and the state of the global environment. This class was Global Environmental Change by Cameron Wake. I think this class should be taught to all SDM's and maybe be a mandatory discovery. During the course, we were focused on the changes occurring around the world to our environment. Looking at key indicators of climate change and how this issue will continue to rise concern throughout the rest of the 21st century. This elective stood out to me because it put this reality of global environmental change in my head, and gave me a purpose to contribute to mitigating these issues. The most important topic was the changes to our glaciers and ice sheets around the world, and the major changes to the albedo effect with a rise in ocean level. This course helped contribute to my SDM by opening my eyes to this problem and allowing me to create a strong connection with the need/want to help solve these issues. I really enjoyed Global Environmental Change and think it is a very beneficial course for any student at UNH.