Hallie Contois

Hallie Contois

My name is Hallie Contois, I am from Stratham, New Hampshire. I am a senior here at THe University of New Hampshire studying Communication and Sustainability with a minor in Design. I am graduating this Spring and I really enjoy traveling, working out, being outdoors and spending time with my family. 

My interest in the environment started as a young age. Coming from a family who spent a lot of time outdoors, I learned about a lot of different plant and animal species, especially from my Mom. In high school, I took an Environmental Science class which really helped my interests take off.

Freshman year at UNH I took a Conservation course and knew I wanted to pursue some sort of focus in Environmental Conservation. I learned about the Sustainability dual major from a friend and pairing it with my Communication major, I hope to work for a Sustainable company and doing their advertising or design. Sustainability is becoming more desirable for a lot of companies and industries, and I hope that having this experience can allow for me to use what I have learned throughout many aspects of my life. 


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