Jack Martin


My name is Jack Martin and I am a business administration major with a focus in marketing as well as a dual major in sustainability. I am to be graduating in May of 2021.

I live in Essex, Connecticut on the Connecticut River and spend most of my free time fishing, surfing, and skiing. My passion for sustainability stemmed from my appreciation for wilderness dedicated lands as well as seeing die-offs of fish populations in the river I call home due to eutrophication. This was further assisted by one of the first classes I took at UNH; global environmental change. This class created my awareness of the SDM program, the realities of anthropogenic climate change and the importance of our generation and their potential impact on the world. Throughout my academic career, the sustainability dual major has helped cultivate this passion. 

Post-graduation, I hope to work in a creative business environment that makes efforts to assist people in need and/or make the world a better place.

Below are links to my sustainability journey at UNH!

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One of my electives... Ecogastronomy!

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