Jahmilha Crook

Hi, my name is Jahmilha Crook and I am a senior at the University of New Hampshire! I'm studying both English and Sustainability. My hometown is Dover, New Hampshire and I am a fourth generation UNH student. I'm looking forward to graduating in May 2021 which is 72 years after my great grandfather graduated from UNH. 

I've always had a love for nature that was fostered by my family who often took me camping and hiking growing up. I was also a camper at an outdoor survivalist camp and became a counselor there for a couple years afterwards. I found a passion for empowering kids, especially young women, to challenge themselves and explore nature. I would like to continue to work with communities by improving quality of life and connecting them to nature.

Here is my relfection for Sustainability 401!

Here is my reflection for Sustainability 501!

Here is my relfection on some electives I took for the SDM!

Here is my reflection on my capstone experience and next steps after college!