Jake's Portfolio Part 1

Beginning with my time in Sustainability 401, one of the most significant and applicable concepts in the field  were the three pillars of sustainability, which are environmental, social, and economic. These three concepts are the building blocks on which sustainability is formed. In addition 401 provides a specific focus on how these concepts interact independently and with one another. This course also provided specific examples of the issues that are faced within the field of sustainability; such as, the overuse of natural resources and issues with pollution. Many of these problems are referred to as "Wicked Problems or Wicked Challenges". From the first day of class, to the last day of class my understanding of sustainability and what it really means increased significantly. However, the most memorable part of the semester invovled the Personal Action Project, which required each student to carry out a specific sustianable aciton for an entire month. Moving into the sustainability 501 course, there was more of a focus on the interactions between people on how to deal with these societal issues. Topics like ethics, collaboraiton, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary play a large role in how individuals interact with one another to solve sustainable issues. In addition to learning these concepts, this class was largely based on field trips which incorporated the material covered in class to solve a complex issue. Towards the end of the 501 course, the class was required to split into groups to collaborate and write a chapter on a specific sustainable method. Overall, the one concept that resonates with me most, is that sustainability is the only field that is defined by the problems it faces. From the background knowledge provided in the 401 course and the use of methods described  in the 501 course, I now have a better understanding of what sustainability is and how to work with others in an effort to solve societal issues. I look forward to applying all the material I've learned into the sustainability capstone.