Jodi Bezanson

Jodi Bezanson

Hello! My name is Jodi Bezanson. I am one of five people working on the Zero Waste Capstone Project and I'm really excited to see where our research will lead us this semester. I have done previous studies on "The Stigma Behind Sustainable Commitment" in our society and I’m very interested to see how my previous research will relate to this current research. I am from a small town in North-Central New Hampshire, right on Lake Winnipesaukee. Growing up on the lake has given me countless opportunities to love and appreciate nature. This is why I have such an interest in trash/recyclables, the World and the sustainable methods that can create a better way of living for all. At UNH I am a dual major in Anthropology and Environmental Sustainability. I believe these two majors benefit each other in significant ways. One being, having the ability to first understand the culture you choose to approach before educating the importance of sustainable methods on a crowd who doesn’t necessarily care or want to listen. Besides my personal studies, I have been captivated by the nature around me from traveling. Traveling is a big hobby of mine. I lived in Panama for a few months in the middle of the jungle doing a sustainability internship. It is a huge part of who I am today, as everything from my knowledge to personal growth was expanded in immeasurable ways. Beyond traveling, I enjoy reading, hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, dancing and pretty much any activity that gets you up and moving. 

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