Jodi's Portfolio Part Four

As mentioned before, my main major is anthropology with a focus in culture. Personally, I believe that sustainability intertwines beautifully with cultural anthropology because sustainability is becoming a new type of culture itself. Not to mention the ways in which sustainability is perceived can be seen differently all over the world in response to the different environmental, economic and social issues arising in different locations. Its rather forcefully making small and large changes in how people live their daily lives, mostly because it is necessary. People are realizing the negative impacts our species is having on the planet and new changes in waste, behavior, and overall mentality are forming. It's really exciting to think about how one day we could look back and see how cultures have changed as a whole because of new sustainable practices. 

Being a cultural anthropology major you delve into the why’s and how’s of a culture. You learn to approach cultures from an ethnographer standpoint and obtain a broad acceptance and understanding of differences. In the long run I believe this opened my eyes to different approaches and understandings of life which better helps me prepare for sustainable issues. Considering that sustainability is a fairly new science based off of current and developing environmental, economic and social problems, solutions require people in the sustainability field to look and think outside the box and accept help or knowledge from fields other than what is familiar. This is ultimately the ability to accept differences such as ideas and way’s of life. Concept wise, collaboration, interdisciplinary, and trans-disciplinary knowledge in sustainability have equally enhanced my cultural anthropology major by solidifying my ability to understand that there are sometimes multiple solutions to a problem and multiple way’s of living and life based on localized abundances.