Jordan Garrett

About Me

Pryor Mountains, Montana

Working in the Pryor Mountains, Wyoming with the Montana Conservation Corps


My name is Jordan and I'm a Environmental Geography and Sustainability dual major. I'm from Portsmouth NH. As a geography major, I care a lot about people and their connection to the environment.  I declared a dual major in Sustainability to learn more about environmental, economic, and social issues and how all of those things connect back to the environment, land, and people's sense of place. 

During my time at UNH, I've worked to better understand peoples connection to the environment through the Weaving Strands Project. In 2017, I traveled to Bhutan to collect stories about rural farmers experiences with climate change. Then In 2019, I traveled to Goa, India to teach high school students how to create podcasts documenting environmental issues in their communities.

In addition to the Weaving Strands Project, I spent my past summer learning about people's connection to the environment through my job. As an expedition leader for the Montana Conservation Corps, I spent 58 days camping and building trails with high schoolers  to help them become better aquainted with their own backyards and to give back to the communitiy. This was one of the most profound experiences I've had in college and this experiene has inspired me to pursue a career as an environmental educator. 

In my free time, I love hiking in the White Mountiains, going to watch live music, and reading a good book. 

Weaving Strands Project:

Goa, India:


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