Kate Morrissey


Hi there! My name is Kate Morrissey. I am currently a senior at the University of New Hampshire studying Environmental and Resource Economics as well as Sustainability. Throughout my spring semester I will be working on a Capstone Project for my Sustainability Dual Major focused on Southern Maine’s Coastal Resilience. Three of my classmates and I will be studying Southern Maine’s natural capital and how it can be used in helping the area become resilient to future damages caused by climate change. This project is very important to me because I am from a coastal community; Gloucester, Massachusetts. Growing up in a coastal community I have seen first-hand the effects climate change can have on our surroundings and our lifestyles. I believe growing up witnessing these affects is what made me eager to study sustainability and the future of our environment.

Prior to my senior year at UNH, I was fortunate enough to intern at Seaside Sustainability in Gloucester where I worked with community members, local businesses, and municipalities all trying to achieve a common goal where our marine systems could thrive as well as our community. I believe this opportunity made me become most interested in sustainable planning within coastal communities. I find myself very lucky to have grown up in Gloucester. Being surrounded by the ocean I have grown to become obsessed with it. Going to the beach with friends and family, kayaking, and paddle boarding are just some of my favorite summer hobbies. My family and I also take part in competitive rowing every summer. I have been blessed to have witnessed all the things our environment has to offer and that is why I believe sustainable knowledge is so important!


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