Kathryn (Katie) Rascoe



My name is Katie Rascoe and I am a junior Marketing and Sustainability dual major here at UNH. I’m from Queensbury, NY but also spent a lot of time in Lake Placid and on the Cape growing up where I really developed a love for the water and the outdoors. In my free time, I enjoy paddleboarding, hiking, ice skating, and hammocking.

I came to UNH as an undeclared student within Paul College, unsure of whether I would be able to find something I was passionate about in business. It wasn’t until I took Dr. Fiona Wilson’s course “Business for People, Planet, and Profit” that I discovered my interest in sustainability. The discussions we had each week really helped me to understand my responsibility as a consumer, and the importance of maintaining a balance between the needs of society, the environment, and the economy. This class also inspired my direction within business, and I’ve become committed to the idea of creating shared value and conscious capitalism.

I’m grateful to have been offered opportunities that have supported my education and professional development. I have participated for the last three semesters in the B Impact Clinic as both a Student Consultant and a Peer Mentor. Through this professional opportunity, I've established invaluable connections with company leaders who are working to set higher ethical standards for businesses by committing to sustainability and transparency. I also currently serve as a TA for the Sustainability 401 and 501 courses and have the privilege of working with students from all different academic backgrounds who share my passion for social, environmental, and economic longevity. Additionally, I am working on completing NAMI SCUBA Certification so that I can learn more about the health and sustainability of marine ecosystems and experience the beauty of our oceans up close. I hope to continue fostering my passion for this field throughout my last year as an undergraduate.


SUST 401: