Lani Stevens

Self Portrait

Hello! My name is Lani Mai Stevens. My hometown is a small seacoast city of Revere, Massachusetts. I am an Analytical Economics and Sustainability Dual Major anticipating graduating in the Spring 2020. In my free time, you can find me spending time with my family, exercising, cooking, or hanging out outside. Growing up, I had minimal exposure to environmental studies. Although I frequently swam at the beach, ran cross country, and went on little walks around community reservations, it never dawned on me that these hobbies of mine were at risk until I came to a college with a STARS platinum rating for sustainability. I took a discovery course that humbled my importance as just an individual on this planet yet amplified the responsibility and empathy I felt towards all living things. I began to understand the social, political, and economic implications of climate change. Exploring these intersectional ties gave myself the perspective that climate change is a personal challenge I was/ am eager to combat. I began to understand how climate change was happening in my own community, rather than some far away land. Sustainability has the power and potential to engage people that do not see themselves as stakeholders in the challenge of climate change. Seeing the bigger picture is what fascinates me about sustainability, and why I declared Sustainability as a dual major.

Here is my reflection on our Introductory Sustainability course, SUST 401.

Here is my reflection on our Sustainability Methods and Perspectives course, SUST 501.

Here is my reflection on our Sustainability Capstone Coure, SUST 750.

Here is my reflection for my inspiring Sustainability Internship at Manomet

Here is my reflection for my meaningful Epidemiology Elective. 

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