Lani's Sustainability Experience at Manomet


In this sustainability elective, I worked with a nonprofit organization called Manomet as a U360 Business Sustainability Intern. At Manomet,  I interviewed small business owners as well as nonprofit leaders about their business practices, focusing on ESG standards. At the end of the program, I presented a comprehensive action plan for an educational childcare center in New Hampshire. The recommendations I made were specific to this business to help them make money, save money, and reduce risks through sustainable operating practices. I gained valuable experience understanding the feasibility and practicality of implementing more sustainable business practices for businesses and organizations that are on a tight budget. I learned that being sustainable does not always have to come as a cost to businesses. There is a false dichotomy of being environmentally sustainable and maintaining/ advancing your bottom line. This internship contributed to my sustainability major by motivating me it is possible to find innovative and creative solutions to wicked problems. This experiential learning opportunity was much more powerful than any class, as I gained real world insight, skills,  and  confidence to speak about sustainability concepts to many people that felt disconnected and disengaged as stakeholders.