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Hello! My name is Lauren Pitkanen and I grew up in Epping, New Hampshire. My majors are Environmental Science with a concentration in Ecosystems and the Sustainability Dual Major. I'm also minoring in one of my favorite hobbies; brewing! When I'm not working in a brewery, I am beckoned by the White Mountains. Hiking the White Mountains had a signifcant impact on me and my worldview. It changed my course of study because I became very passionate about the state of the natural environment around me and all its glorious intricacies. I am driven by my love for the outdoors and taking care of what takes care of us. I enrolled in the Sustainability Dual Major because I wanted to learn more about the human environment interface of how both impact and influence each other in complex ways. I believe sustainability will prove to be a vital knowledge base to any job field and is essential for many applications as we progress as a society. I am also devoted to the state of New Hampshire by serving as a Senior Airman in the Air National Guard at the 157th Air Refeuling Wing at PEASE in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 


Below are links to my reflections of courses I have taken for my SDM experience & moving forward:


Surveying Sustainability
Political Ecology
An Introduction to our Energy System and Sustainable Energy
My undergraduate experience with two majors and moving forward