Luke Doverspike



Hey Friends! 

My name is Luke Doverspike. I am currently a Business Marketing major with (of course) a dual major in sustainability. I was born and raised in the small town of Stratham, NH and moved to Indianapolis, IN just before entering high school. Tired of staring at cornfields in Indiana, I longed for my return home. 

My hobbies and free-time spent are where my personal happiness resides. I love anything outdoors as most northeasterners. Going rock climbing on a sunny day, skiing on the icy slopes of New Hampshire, and hiking the rocky and rugged terrain of the white mountains are all things that bring fulfillment to me. Perhaps my most unusual hobby can be found on a stage in a spotlight where I perform exceptionally hit or miss stand-up comedy. If you ever have the pleasure of witnessing this for yourself, please laugh at me for my sake. 

Upon coming to UNH, I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to make an impact in regards to better human and environmental health. As a first step towards this effort, I chose the sustainability dual major in sequence with my business major. I was still unsure of whether or not business was the approach I wanted to take in order to seek the change I yearned to make. As time passed, I learned very quickly that one of the most impactful changes to a more sustainable world revolves around better businesses, as corporations posses monumental power. I wanted to exploit this power. 

After taking the elective NR 507, Introduction to our Energy System and Sustainable Energy with Clay Mitchell, I had developed a passion for renewable energy. Moving forward, I wish to combine my own business expertise and knowledge with the energy sector to help create more sustainable, resilient grid infrastructure!



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