When I started college, I originally hoped to one day become the president or CEO of a non-profit organization. After 4 years,  I feel now that I actually have less emphasis on the job I want to work and often picture my future job with more emphasis on sustainability then business. I hope to work in renewable energy, helping to promote and move to cleaner sources, as well as work with infrastructure to continue to advance society's technology. 

Another thing that I hope to accomplish in my career is helping developing nations to gain access to clean energy. I took a J-Term class in the Dominican Republic, a place that is considered developed, even with a smart electric grid in Punta Cana. On the same island, Hispanola, is Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. For me that is shocking that even on this small island there is great discrepancies to energy access. I hope to help nations like Haiti become renewable; especially with their high solar density, as they are so close to the equator. I have attached my final project for that class, a project about the Dominican Republic's current sustainability efforts.

After graduation, I have accepted a job as a product manager specialist at Aclara Technologies, here in NH. I started last May as the marketing intern, and continued working there after the summer. Aclara is a company that produces smart electric, gas, and water meters, as well as infrastructure communications. Although smart technology is a key to renewable energy, Aclara sometimes struggles to maintain sustainable goals within the industry and the workplace. I hope to continue to help them push to be better as I continue working there. 


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