A project based class, SUST 750 was truly more of a collaborative work environment. This capstone class helped synthesize ideas and themes that we had learned over the past two years and apply our knowledge to our project. My group included Michael Slagle, Bosi Mosongo, and Chrissy Delyani. Our project was to create a plan to better market the dual major in order to increase enrollment into SUST 401. Once we narrowed and set on the scope of our project, our team was able to crank through our project.
Tragically our class was moved to an online setting during the COVID-19 spread of the spring semester in 2020. Before meeting virtually, our class would meet in the renovated sustainability workspace in Nesmith, an environment that helped me feel inspired with the non-traditional feel. I mention this because this highlights sustainabilities departure from traditional science. The highlight of past students, the U-shaped table, and plantlife in the room was a constant reminder of the collaborative nature of sustainability. Our class discussions were based around our past elective class experiences and current project goals and struggles, with themes always able to be pulled out post-discussion. It was an interesting experience to hear the other perspectives of students, and their own journey they took before arriving in the same sustainability capstone class. 
Overall, with less emphasis on a class feel, SUST 750 was a great place to apply everything that our class had learned over the course of our college career and better prepare us for working outside of the classroom.