Mackenzie O'Rourke


Hi! My name is Mackenzie O'Rourke and I'm from Scituate, Rhode Island. I am an Analytical Economics and Sustainability dual major. I am graduating in May 2021. Outside of the classroom I enjoy skiing, hiking and going to the beach.

My interest for sustainability came from one of my discovery classes where we watched Planet Money Makes a T-shirt. After that semester I signed up for SUST 401 and declared the Sustainability dual major. I have always appreciated the environment and knew I wanted to make a difference. Sustainability has taught me how interconnected everything is with the environment. 

The possibilities I have because of the SDM are endless.  After graduation I hope to work for a company that actively tries to make a difference. I am specifically interested in renewable energy. I hope to see the day where we can rely on an almost completely renewable grid.  

Here are the links to my sustianbility reflections:

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