UNH Farmer's Market

As discussed within the introduction of this portfolio, I have spent a lot of time working with the student organization Slow Food UNH. Slow Food is an international organization that promotes “Good, Clean, and Fair” food.

Slow Food believes food is tied to many other aspects of life, including culture, politics, agriculture and the environment. Through our food choices we can collectively influence how food is cultivated, produced, and distributed, and change the world as a result.”

As I became interested in local food systems and sources, I became even more interested into the accessibility to these foods to students. During my Junior and Senior years of school, I worked as the Farmer’s Market Manager for the Winter Farmer’s Markets on campus. These markets were completely student led and funded by the student activity fee on campus. Within this position, I worked with a team to acquire an array of farmers selling veggies, spices, art, baked goods, and other vendors to host biweekly markets on campus. The turnout of these markets was incredibly and grew each week. Myself, other students, UNH staff and locals were able to find fresh food right in Durham and could really make connections with where their food was coming from.


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Meeting all the local farmers and working with so many students who cared about sustainability and fair food brought me into a whole new realm of the area around UNH. I was introduced to other organizations outside of campus that are trying to make a difference such as:

Seacoast Growers Association & Seacoast Eat Local 

Not only did I grow more attune to the sustainability culture around the NH Seacoast, I was also introduced to different places in Durham that are working towards change.

Freedom Café is a non-profit right in Durham that hosts a collaborative space for the community, while making only the best fair-trade coffees and teas, they have a mission to end human-trafficking and the commercial exploitation of all people through awareness, education, and training. The Freedom Café has attended every market that we have hosted and is run solely by volunteers.  

During each market, we also supported the farmers by buying tons of fresh food and hosting a community dinner. The Waysmeet Center is another community space in Durham that creates space for communion, service, and social justice. Waysmeet has a daily food pantry for those in need and many other communal activities for education and connection. The Waysmeet Center so graciously allowed us to use their kitchen space to cook these meals and reflect on the time at the market with any and every one within the community.

My experience with Slow Food was something that I looked forward to every day during college, and I really enjoyed my time and the friends that I made within this space. I know that my college career and my future interests would have turned out incredibly different without having these wonderful experiences.