About Me

Hello, my name is Matt Dowling. I am from Greenland, NH. I’m a senior at the University of New Hampshire dual majoring in Marketing and Sustainability. I will be graduating in May 2021. I enjoy fishing, hiking and skiing in New England. 


I’ve always enjoyed the environment and have been concerned about climate change. I knew I had to do something to help change the future of the planet . Until I came to UNH and found the sustainability dual major I was not sure how I would pursue this desire. Through the SDM I hope to impact the health of people and the planet positively. I hope to do this through a long term career in renewable energy. 


I had taken a number of sustainability related elective courses before I decided to enroll in the SDM which helped to develop my interest in climate challenges and possible solutions. The SDM has really helped me to see that it is often not a matter of finding a solution, but the difficulty of implementation on a scale that will make a significant impact. 



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