Michael Pasciuto

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Howdy Everyone,

My name is Mikey Pasciuto and I am fifth year studying Mechanical Engineering, Sustainability and Sustainable Energy at the University of New Hampshire. I am studying fully remotely in my hometown of Burlington, MA until my graduation in May 2021. If I'm not doing schoolwork you can find me working for a start-up called Scrapp, playing video games with friends, or working out at the gym. 

My love for the environment and sustainability started when I was a kid from owning lots of pets, and helping my father recycle every week by spreading out the recycling throughout the garage and sorting it by each material. It developed into a professional interest when I took AP Environmental Science in High School and truly enjoyed the work that came with it.

I enrolled in the Sustainability Dual Major my Sophomore year when I say a table tent while eating lunch at the dining hall. The wind turbine on the poster caught my eye and its been history ever since. The SDM program at UNH has made me a much better and balanced out the equation heavy Engineering courses with real life experiences and a social science approach. As an SDM Major I have studied in New Zealand through Ecoquest, Iceland with The Green Program all focused on a sustainable future through Sustainable energy and working with our natural systems instead of against them. I hope to take all of the principles I've learned through my schooling into the real-world and make an impact.  


SUST 401

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SUST 750

CEE 705