My 401 Experience

I enrolled in SUST 401 at the recommendation of my advisor. I had hit a crossroad sophomore year, dropping my pre-med concentration, and want to switch my major from Biology to Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, as I have a passion for the outdoors and keeping our planet clean. My advisor recommended I not switch out of Biology, but rather check out this new program she did not know much about. And now, here I am working on the SDM capstone.


SUST 401 taught me that there was more to sustainability than reusable straws and solar panels. I learned about the importance of each “pillar” of sustainability. I was able to use my New England lingo in learning the concept of “wicked problems” and create personal action plans. I strengthened my background knowledge on the environmental side of sustainability, but learn more about how business, food systems, racial equity, and social justice all related to sustainability. Learning the foundation material in SUST 401 helped me not only see the world in a different way but set me up well for the next course, SUST 501.