My 501 Experience

Sustainability 501, or Sustainability Perspectives and Methods, was unlike any class I had taken before. Whereas most classes in my major teach you how to work in your own discipline, SUST 501 taught us how to work in interdisciplinary teams. It was the first time I really thought of this concept of interdisciplinary, and it opened my eyes and helped me see others' perspectives better. We also learned about the different types of knowledge. These types of knowledge give us a better idea of where group member's/peers perspectives are. It was also super interesting to look into "case studies" such as the marsh restoration project at Wagon Hill Farm in Durham. It gave me an insight into just how complicated such a small-scale project can be, but also how successful it can be when done in ways where each member involved takes the time to understand each other's perspectives. Helping write the Sustainability Reader was another great experience, and was the first time I got to work on a project like this. The experience was very interesting, as I got to know my peers more and got an idea of their unique backgrounds and knowledge. SUST 501 not only set us up to work well in interdisciplinary groups in the capstone, but it also taught us how to better interact with our clients and other stakeholders involved.