Quinn Curtis - Portfolio 4

My sustainability experience has added to my primary major, International Business & Economics, by broadening my academic scope to study the relationship between global business, society, and the planet. We live in a new world, an interconnected planet where transportation has exploded, and communication is instant. Technology has increased the rate of global development, global trade, and spread our anthropogenic footprint across the globe. By combing my knowledge in global business practices and sustainable development, I hope in the future I can help corporations and business realign their values to reflect the needs of both society and the environment.  My international education has taught me how to work in teams across varying demographics, to find business solutions in the global marketplace or apply sustainability solutions across the globe.


The core courses of the Sustainability Dual Major allowed me to explore different industries that are tackling Sustainable Development across the globe and have profitable business plans that will allow solutions to spread. This is where I was able to take advantage of the elective courses and tailor them to my own personal interests. In the past year I have explored the renewable energy industry through multiple electives to understand the leading technologies being developed to improve efficiency and promote renewable energy sources at a cost-effective rate, benefiting both the consumers through lower costs, and eliminating or reducing emissions. Renewable energy is a key goal of sustainable development across the globe as developed nations attempt to reduce emissions, and through developing nations struggling to expand access and improving reliability of their electric systems. Developing nation’s energy usage is a leading concern regarding our global carbon footprint. It will be important for developing nations to adopt renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuel alternatives, such as coal, for us to avoid greater global climate change. Technological advancements in the recent century coupled with economies of scale have brought the LCOE of many renewable energy and efficiency technologies to the forefront of affordability and productivity. The financial and analytical skills I have developed from my work evaluating these systems enhanced my business major by exploring industries where profitability can be found while also promoting a greener anthropogenic footprint.