Quinn Curtis - Portfolio 5

My primary major is International Business, paired with the Sustainability Dual Major. The combination of these two academic fields has allowed me to develop a unique perspective of business management with a core priority of maintaining the balance between economic, social, and environmental well-being.  Every business can decrease their environmental impact through energy efficiency, pollution control, and proactive policies. I hope I can bring my own ideas and work ethic to change community’s outlook and practices to create a holistic approach to well-being.

The sustainability dual major has developed my analytical skills through systematic thinking and collaborative management tools. Systems thinking allows me to look for the bigger picture of how different problems interrelate to a further system in which the most optimal solution can typically be found. This skill will help me contextualize the complex issues of the real world and develop solutions to the many anthropogenic problems created. The dual major has also given me the opportunity to improve my writing skills and develop a distinctive perspective to policy rationale. Integrating real life solutions into classroom concepts has allowed me to practice and participate in the problem-solving process of modern sustainability issues. With this hands-on experience, I hope to bring into the future through confidence to participate in further sustainability projects in my community and hopefully in the workplace.

I plan on using the sustainable dual major to enhance modern business through sustainable business models; financially and environmentally. As the global economy expands and developing nations develop their own problems and solutions, I hope I can translate and consult on these issues to allow for sustainable development across the globe. Every community on Earth will have to adapt and prepare for the climate shifts we face in the coming decades, and new technologies and market incentives can expedite the speed at which this change occurs. My goal is to influence change through helping companies develop sustainability plans and evaluate operational risk within the sustainability lens to minimize environmental and climate risks and enhance resilience. I am only just beginning to start my career search for post-graduation and have no idea what the next 2 years will bring, but I hope to take the skills I have developed through sustainability and international business with me to create internal and external changes to a company, surrounding communities, and respond to technological changes. I do not want to work for a sustainability specific office, but rather bring sustainability with me into whichever field I end up and develop sustainability solutions within that environment.