Samuel Hinkley

My name is Sam Hinkley, I’m a junior majoring in Environmental and Resource Economics, along with the SDM. I’m from New York, and I plan on graduating May 2022. I like to hike, fish, and camp. After I took Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production, I felt that I needed to pursue Sustainability further.  I was able to take SUST 401 in my Sophomore year, and from there I knew I wanted to pursue this major. I’ve always been interested in Sustainability, and having the opportunity to study and major in it was a choice I was happy to have here at UNH.

I hope that I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned in the SDM to help others understand what Sustainability is, and extend my knowledge to a professional environment.



SUST 401

SUST 501

First Sustainability Elective

Second Sustainability Elective

SUST 750

Career/Next Steps Reflection