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My name is Sawyer Hall and I am from Keene, NH which is most famous for having a riot during one of our annual pumpkin festivals. Being raised to love the outdoors, I enjoy hiking, camping, and being outside in my free time. When winter hits, I try to go skiing as much as possible.


I came to UNH in 2016 wanting to pursue Environmental Engineering but needed something more. Fortunately during my sophomore year, I heard about the dual major in sustainability which was the perfect addition to my engineering degree. Now as a senior I can say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made while at UNH. It has allowed me to dive into more specific courses and learn about strategies of sustainability that can be applied to any future career. As a bonus, it also gave me the opportunity to travel and learn for 6 weeks in the island nation of New Zealand.


I have always had an interest in sustainability but taking the classes have really taught me how important and needed it is. The major was created as a dual major for the reason that it can and should be incorporated into every field. Whether we want to use these strategies and knowledge or not, it is critical that they start becoming everyday practices. This dual major not only gave me valuable insight into working in a rapidly changing world, but gave me an advantage after graduation within the job market and future careers.


Check out my reflections on the classes I have taken and my time within this major!

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Sawyer Hall