Student ePortfolios

Sustainability dual major students take three core sustainability courses (SUST 401: Surveying Sustainability; SUST 501: Sustainability Methods and Perspectives; and SUST 750: Sustainabilty Capstone) as well as five electives.

Students can choose from a wide variety of pre-approved courses across campus and departments for their required electives. As a result, each student shapes their own major, and has a unique experience.

One purpose of the capstone class is to allow students to reflect back on what they learned in their core and elective classes, synthesize these experiences into a coherent whole, and communicate their competence in addressing sustainability challenges. We do that through student reflections in individual 'ePortfolios'. Throughout the Spring 2019 semester, each student adds to their ePortfolio, posting reflections to their personal page.

This public repository allows students to share posts during classroom activities in which we identify commonalities among all sustainability students. Additionally, it allows students to share their accomplishments and samples of their work with prospective employers, graduate schools and even friends and family.

The 2019 Sustainability Capstone students are:

Emily Bean

Jacob Beanland

Katie Bennett

Clayton Bentley

Jodi Bezanson

Sumner Bright

Caitlin Burnett

Quinn Curtis

Dean Herrick

Cameron Perkins

Haley Puntin

Tim Putnam

Tim Readdean

Casey Shea

Dan Sheldon

Marisa Yacco

Cassidy Yates