Future careers

The sustainability dual major allowed me to have a broader perspective, a depth of knowledge on a new subject, and therefore the ability to approach a problem from several different ways. It added a whole new level of meaning to my primary major, marine biology, in the sense that it opened my eyes to the side that is human-focused. I have always enjoyed science, whereas business I found to lack true meaning. In some ways I feel that sustainability is a link between the two. It contains a deeper purpose than just the pure fiscal aspect of business, and the knowledge produced is vital and usable. The dual major helped me to find specific niches, such as green business, that I was not aware existed. Currently, I am feeling like this may be the best fit for me, along with possibly pursuing a masters in business or in environmental science and management. 

Overall, collaboration across all disciplines, and ensuring that everyone has a voice, is one of the lessons that was made most clear to me throughout the major. In fact, I have already started to integrate this in some of my activities. It is certainly something that I will keep in mind for the future, in both personal and professional matters.

Urban farming atop LEED certified building in Boston, MA