Sustainability 401

Before taking 401 I had the opportunity to get some of my electives filled with the dual major. I got these few electives filled by taking part in the semester abroad program in New Zealand at the Eco-Quest Education center. While at Eco-Quest I got a very unique learning experience that was hands-on and research/field work-intensive. Here I was able to learn and find a strong passion for sustainability. I took classes on Ecology and Sustainability while spending time here along with a Directed Research Project (DRP). This experience allowed me to find a strong passion for working towards receiving the sustainability dual major.

The Sustainability 401 class allowed me to find a true base, and core understanding of sustainability. It allowed gaps and other information I may have been confused about and hadn’t learned before going to Eco-Quest. The 401-class allowed me to widen my understanding and concepts on climate change and biodiversity loss. Also, I got to learn about systems thinking, and circular economies. Taking an in-depth look at how municipalities should acquire sustainable models in their practices.  In this class, I could make many connections to my own life and the things I like and enjoy, along with my outdoors/flyfishing brand. This class allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of what the different aspects of sustainability truly are and how they can connect to many parts of life.

The final project of 401 allowed me to take on a focus on how I can start to implement these practices into my own life. This Personal Action Project allowed me to see what types of positives change I’m able to make by tweaking very small parts of my lifestyle.  I really enjoyed 401 and it was a great gateway to getting me interested to take an even deeper dive into the content and information in Sustainability 501.