Sustainability 501

Sustainability 501 allowed me to take a deeper look into all the aspects of sustainability and gain a further understanding of topics like systems thinking, or circular economies. During 401 it was more of an overview of topics and a possible discovery for most kids.  Where in 501 we had lots of class discussion and thought on what these concepts really meant and spent the time unpacking the details.

Throughout the course, a really important topic that was brought up in most classes this semester was interdisciplinary work. Interdisciplinary work is so important because you're able to get ideas from a diverse group of individuals. This work takes multiple teammates with different backgrounds, and for our main project working on the Sustainability Reader. It allowed different ideas to flow and for our ideas to really come together.

For my final project in the course, I worked with two other teammates in working to restore/update the Municipalities chapter in the UNH Sustainability Reader. This course allowed me to find an even stronger passion for sustainability and allowed me to connect to concepts with a deeper educational mindset.