Sustainability 750 Reflection

In the Sustainability Capstone course, I will remmeber the enthusiasm and rigor of my fellow classmates. This was my first class that I had real flexibility and lax strucutre, so my educational experience was determined by the peers around me, which to say it was excellent. The positive fervor and energy of the SDM capstone is like no other. I hope that in the rest of my classes and future endeavours, I can be lucky enough to be inovlved with people as passionate, creative, smart, and selfless. This class has helped to unify my SDM experience by pulling valuable knowledge and skills from my other classes and applying them to a real life project. Ending my senior year researching how municipalities use manufactured capital to enhance coastal resiliency, I have had to pull information from my electives, as well as ther other sustainability courses. From my team project, I hae learned the most. I have learned personal time management, figuring the  logistics of meeting twice a week with three EXTREMELY ambitious and busy members. I have had the opportunity to conduct desk research, learning how to "triage" your project and pivot when you can't find town mitigation plans because some states municipalities hold power at the county level. Most importantly, I learned how easy it is to be invested in your project when you have a motivating and supportive group.