Sustainability Campus Tour

The University of New Hampshire has made sustainability a university-wide endeavor, through education, research and practice. In 2017, UNH was designated the third institute of higher education in the world to reach the highest rating, Platinum, in the STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System) program. This rating system evaluates actions in 5 categories: academics, engagement, operations, planning & administration, and innovation & leadership. Despite this recognition from an outside entity, many students, faculty and staff within UNH are not aware of (1) the wide range of actions related to sustainability, and (2) what UNH has done to earn this rating.

One solution for increasing visibility and knowledge of sustainability at UNH is to develop a Campus Sustainability Tour. Over sixty U.S universities have created campus sustainability tours at their respective schools. A sustainability tour could educate our own students and staff about sustainability, help build a sustainability ethos at UNH, and provide information to prospective students or even broader community members who are interested in attending or supporting UNH.

This project aims to meet the following goals:

  1. Create a comprehensive list of sustainability tour stops based on a methodical process;
  2. Write descriptions of stops that document their sustainability accomplishments;
  3. Explore who could implement the sustainability campus tour at UNH; and
  4. Explore possible outlets and formats for dissemination.


Student team members: Sumner Bright, Dean Herrick, Cameron Perkins, Tim Putnam


Sustainability Tour Final Paper285 KB
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