Sustainability CapStone

Sust 750:

In the Sustainability Capstone, I was able to use all of the information and skills I have learned over the course of my Sustainability Dual Major (SDM) and apply it to a hands on project helping or impacting the outer UNH community.


I had taken part in the Sustainability Splash program where we were trying to bring Splash programs to the UNH community and had the opportunity to start with sustainability and the opportunity UNH has. My group and I ended up creating three hour-long workshops called “What is Sustainability?” “Sustainability in Action,” and “Sustainability Topics in Depth.” Before our piolet, we discussed with professors and professionals in the educational field, along with reflecting with our colleagues on our past experiences here at UNH through the SDM and extra calicular activities. During this project, I learned a lot and found a strong interest in creating sustainable Education. This experience was life changing and helped solidify the accomplishment of the Sustainability Dual Major. It was great to share and collaborate with people from all areas of the university and use system thinking while making decisions and changes to our Splash program. We were able to bring all of our different areas of knowledge together to see how our program would. Make an impact by looking at all the different stakeholders who are interconnected.


Next Steps:


The Sustainability Dual major and my entire experience here at UNH has allowed me to find a really strong passion for sustainability and I honestly think about it now almost in all parts of my life. I have found a want to help businesses strive and make sustainable change. I believe this will continue into my professional life as I have found an interest in sustainability consulting at the private sector. I had the opportunity through the B-Impact clinic to get a taste of this hands-on and exciting environment. I had planned to look for work in an entry position around sustainability consulting, but I have found a stronger passion for another area within the sustainability ecosystem. The connections blockchain technologies have to helping create a sustainable and equitable world.


I have started to create Sustainable ADA and plan to spend my summer months investing all my time and energy to get this project fulling rolling and created. Sustainable ADA will create a bridge and connect use cases/example of how Cardano can help change the world and make it a more sustainable and equal place for all. Connecting Cardano to our current sustainable development goals (SDGs), showing the improvements and value that can be added to these goals. Providing a learning, and collaboration space for others who want to incorporate their idea or get guidance on how it has been done before. For Sustainable ADA I plan to create…


Sustainable ADA Network

  • Starter kit - Teaching people about how to integrate their use cases within the Cardano platform.
  • Collaboration Space - Allowing anyone to collaborate with others, learning and getting help with the implementation of ideas or how to get started.


Sustainable ADA Educational Content


  • Sustainable ADA Deck - simple connections with Cardano and Sustainability
  • Sustainable ADA course - here we will teach the sustainable connections with Cardano, helping synthesize confusing or hard to find content.


Sustainable ADA Newsroom

  • Interviews/Published stories - sharing current use cases and stories as they are deployed on Cardano.