Sustainability in Environmental Geography

To provide a bit of an introduction, I am an Environmental Geography major with a dual major in Sustainability. Geography is the study of this wonderful planet and all the processes that occur. There are two main focuses within the field of Geography; Human and Physical Geography. Human Geography encompasses all human activities, processes, and interactions with the physical environment.  Physical Geography includes concepts like environmental processes and the physical makeup of the earth. I find that Geography and Sustainability are fairly interconnected fields on the basis of environmental, social, and economic concepts.

In more ways than just one, the Sustainability major both overlaps and adds onto my studies of Environmental Geography. Classes like Field Research, Geography of Natural Environment, and various other electives fit in with each of the majors criteria. These courses are just examples of classes that I've been able to double count for both to gain credit for each major. In terms of additional content, the Sustainaibility major has allowed me to take courses that relate with my Environmental studies, like Environmental Resourse Economics (EREC 411) and Global Environmental Change (ESCI 405). As Sustainability has a focus on dealing with global societal and environmental issues, it was a perfect fit with my Environmental Studies. The Sustainability major has allowed me to look at global issues, like climate change, through a problem solving perspective. Geography has taught me about background information and general concepts, while Sustainability has taught me how to deal and resolve issues by a means of different methodical approaches. As I already have the environmental background, Sustainability provides me with the skills to consider tasks and issues with a social or economic perspective, opposed to just considering things from an environmental scope. Personally, I find that Sustainability fits perfectly with my environmental studies as most of the materials are applicable in both field and as a result I look forward to the opportunities these majors will provide for me