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Hello! My name is Sydney Marshall, and I am a Finance and Sustainability dual major. I plan to graduate in May of 2021 and am originally from the Hartford, CT area.

Here at school, I spend a lot of my time with the organization Slow Food UNH, an organization promoting access to “good, clean, and fair” food. Throughout my four years at school, I was the business manager as well as the farmer’s market manager for this organization. Being the business manager as a sophomore brought me to realize that if I could combine finance and sustainability in this way, I could do this within my future career as well. I love the outdoors and UNH’s location is perfect for skiing, hiking, and beach trips.

I started out as solely a Finance major, but when I found out how great the environmental programs are at UNH I added on a minor in environmental conservation and sustainability. After taking a couple classes for my minor I wanted to take even more and switched into the dual major program. My favorite part about the SDM was finding electives that had a crossover with sustainable business ideas!


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Permaculture Farm Work in Thailand     Local Farmer's Market Management

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The SDM was a great contribution to my business major because there are many ways in which business and corporate entities can become more sustainable, there is a lot of work to be done! Thankfully, there are people and companies that are working towards this change. 

From my SDM experience, I hope to incorporate a humanitarian ideal into my future finance work. I went into this major in hopes of making a difference at my future careers and to inspire other professionals to work towards sustainable changes in their own fields/lives. With major interests in the energy & agriculture & food system sectors, impact investing, and micro-lending, after graduation, I look forward to inspiring change and making a difference. I am a strong believer that many minds work best in achieving sustainable solutions and that creating change is and always will be a team effort.