Details on Adele

I'd like to start this page by apologizing for leaving out the accent on Adele's name, I honestly just don't know how to do it, sorry Adele.

Adele told me her favorite passage from the book was spoken by Mrs. Fairfax:

"Is it really for love he is going to marry you?"

Adele chose this because it shows  that she isn't crazy for disliking her father. Adele said Mrs Fairfax  is the only person she respects from her past. Mrs. Fairfax said this as a warning to Jane. She was telling her that people may not always be what they seem. Adele thinks that even Mrs. Fairfax knew something was off with Rochester deep down, she was just too afraid to outright say it.

I actually really enjoyed my time with Adele. She was always kind and respectful. She deserved a much more normal upbringing. I loved that the passage she chose had nothing to do with herself. Unlike the rest of these egotistical maniacs, she isn't obsessed with herself. She's a really geniune person too good for her past. Her time at school must have exposed her to what a more traditional household looks like. Based on what Jane told us in her book, Adele always seemed happy with her family situation. She now knows what to avoid for her future and I wish her the best.

Faces of Tragedy

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