Details on Rochester

When I asked Rochester what his favorite passage is, he told me he never read the book.  He instead told me something he said that he was sure was included. As much as I wished he was wrong, it was in there. He quoted this:

"Jane! Will you hear reason? Because if you won't, I'll try violence." 

Remember that? I'm not kidding, that is the quote he chose. I really wish I didn't need to speak further on this.

So he told me that he was "obviously kidding" and wouldn't actually have raped her.  He claims that he wanted to see how she would react in a time of fear. He knew that she had a degree of control over him and wanted to see how she would use her power on him.  He said that it helped him understand the dynamic of their relationship further.

Reading the book, I always got a strange feeling regarding Mr. Rochester, but decided to give hime the benefit of the doubt since my former idol married him. The fact that he chose that quote out of all the options was very indicative of Rochester's charater. He is very freaky.  FBI if you see this, I'm raising a red flag right now. Investigate this man.


Faces of Tragedy

  • Adele
  • Rochester
  • Jane