Digital Analysis

Digital tools like Voyant can be very useful in interpretting works. Voyant allows you to see the frequency of certain words throughout a specific book and help you visualse what it might contribute to it's meaning. For example I made two graphs about the words "Journal and Train" and their frequencies in the novel "Dracula" the results looked like this.


I then used those same words  in something called an "N"gram, where google can search how frequently a word to see how often it is used overall through a period of time. The results for that looked like this.

results 2

What these charts allowed me to do was see how technology has changed throughout time based on those two terms, then compare it to how frequently the words were spoken in "Dracula". This comparison allowed me to figure out the role of technology in the novel and further understand Dracula's character.

Digital analysis can provide a fresh point of view to a work and allow things like songs and books to be visualized and quantified. Sometimes these things are necessary to reveal a hidden aspect of a work.