Rochester in Disguise Scene

Drag Rochester

Rmemeber this weird moment in chapter 19? When Rochester pretends to be a and old woman gypsy?  By itself this scene needs to be more commonly regarded as a little freaky. But what Rochester wanted for the movie makes it all a little freakier.

If you can remember Janes description of the gypsy woman in the book: "She had on a red cloak and a black bonnet, or, rather a broad brimmed gypsy hat, tied down with a striped handkercheif under her chin." Not once did Jane mention skin showing or beautiful straight hair.

Mr. Rochester was hell-bent on him wearing a low cut dress and a long wig of dark, straight hair. He said that the story Jane told was completely inaccuarate and that he was much more exposed in person. He insists Jane is just too ashamed to admit that she was fooled so easily and actually found his outfit rather attractive. Rochester's final point in favor of his outfit of choice was that it looks like they are up in modern fashion trends and the modern audience will support his choice.

Let it be known that I support almost every community out there. However I disagreed with Rochester's request as it seemed like a disingenous attempt to appear more likeable. I don't think he actually supports drag culture at all and he isntead just wants to make Jane look foolish on film. Whether Jane fabricated her story or not, Rochester attacked this scene with all the wrong intentions and is obsessed with how his body looks in a dress.


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