Red Room scene

Red room scene

One of the first moments in the book that reveals Janes character, the Red Room scene.  In chapter 2, young Jane is forced to stay in the haunted red room after a fight with John Reed.  Jane felt that the room was haunted and was scarred from this experience for the rest of her life.

When writing this scene, Jane insisted she be seen staying calm and strong. She wanted this scene to feel like she was leveling up. She planned on having some creepy music playing as the camera panned every corner of the room. She then wanted the camera to zoom in on her young face and show her just waiting bravely.

As she was describing how she wanted the scene to look I was thinking about how differently she orignally wrote it. In the book, the scene reads: "Take me out! Let me go to the nursery!"

Clearly she wasn't stoic in the book, she was yelling and crying as any other frightened child should. It made no sense to me to completely lie abou the scene in the movie and to trick kids into thinking that they shouldn't be afraid of anything. Jane wanted to pretend like she is different than everyone else and that she isn't afraid of anything.


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