Rochester and Jane First Meet


We all know the scene when Jane and Rochester first meet. Jane is out on one of her angsty walks around Thornfield when she notices a man's horse slip on some ice. Jane helps the man and later finds out that it is Mr. Rochester. Don't remember? Here read it yourself: "Man and horse were down; they slipped on the sheet of ice which glazed the causeway."

Mr. Rochester saw it fit that the scene should be written differently. He wanted the movie to show Jane slipping on ice and have him and his horse come and assist her. He felt that this would help show a theme of him cariong for Jane. He feels that he has provided her with the thing her life needed the most, love. Showing hm save Jane would be a fitting introduction to the dynamic of their relationship.

This whole scene was a pain to sit through. watching them weigh the pros and cons of each version was like watching the Bills play the Jets, it doesn't matter both teams won't win the Superbowl. I didn't understand why it was even a debate, just write the scene how it happened. This goes to show how much these freaks overthink everything and try to lie to make their lives more interesting.



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