Who Am I



My name is Trevis Brown and I blog. I frequently talk about my love for Jane Eyre's autobigraphy.  I went to school for journalism and started a popular blog series called "Lesson's from Jane" that led Jane to me. The blog focused on all things Jane; whether it was the latest news surrounding her life or the fan favorite "Friday Night Fights" where I would post a prompt for my readers to argue about in the comments. For example, I would say something like: "You're forced to go through a character's underwear drawer. Who are you choosing?" My readers never failed to amuse me.

One fateful Friday night I posted: "Jane v.s Elizabeth Bennet." While I was scrolling through the comments, I noticed one of my frequent readers had a very elegant response in favor of Elizabeth. Taken back, I replied with some counter points to defend my girl. Janeuary1816 was very firm about her preference of Elizabeth, but kept asking to hear my arguments for Jane.  The more I responded to her, the more odd this whole encounter began to feel. In fear of annoying the rest of the readers, she requested that we continue our argument over a Skype call. I was eager to see what one of my favortie readers looked like, so I quickly agreed.  Two minutes later I was staring at Mrs. Jane Eyre herself. She had been reading my blog the whole time and I had no idea. I was so star struck that I didn't realize how sketchy that is.

Jane told me that she was in the middle of filming a movie about her life and needed somebody to document and produce some behind the scenes content for her fans. She thought of using me all along but she needed to be sure about my character, hence the Elizabeth Bennet test. I guess I passed her test because she offered me the gig.  My only request was that I got to post the content on my blog for publicity reasons of course. This very content is what you are about to see.

I kept my end of the bargain and produced the content as Jane asked. What I didn't tell her is that this experience was the greatest disappointment of my life. So here it is, the reason my blog is forever cancelled, behind the scenes of "Jane Eyre" the movie.