In 2019 The HUGEmanitiesTM Project ran the first BIG Contest and you can read all about the winners here!

Now we're ready for The BIG Contest 2020!

Read on to get the details...

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Enter the BIG Contest

Calling all UNH and CCSNH students!


What kinds of digital work have you completed in your UNH COLA or CCSNH humanities courses during the 19/2020 academic year?
The HUGEmanitiesTM Big Contest 2020 is looking for digital projects of all types, specifically assignments that combine your stories with digital research, production, argument and creative expression.

Have you created a rich media presentation?

Have you done any digital storytelling?

Did you make a public service announcement?

Did you develop or design a website?In a group or individually?

Have you created a digital memoir?

Did you study abroad? Have you created a podcast, or a travel vlog?

Have you created another digital project? If you’re not sure, end us an email to see if it applies!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you just might have a Big Contest submission!


 Big Contest Categories 2020

Contest submissions must come from a UNH COLA course, or a CCSN humanities based course. Please email with any questions!


  • Breakout Contest This contest category is only for first year students. Your project should be an example of digital expression and should reflect on a specific theme, idea or message. Applicable projects will incorporate digital technologies and production methods to communicate or reflect on a humanities based theme or idea.


  • Digital Storytelling Contest– This competition is open to all UNH and CCSNH undergraduate students. Submissions should fall into the genre of narrative, creative nonfiction or memoir. Digital aspects should emphasize the delivery of the message. The project should incorporate digital production in such a way that it sparks connection to the narrative. 


  • Innovative Design Contest– This competition is open to UNH or CCSNH individuals, or group projects that exemplify and highlight creativity, technology and usability. Innovative design submissions should exemplify a savvy use of technology, be grounded in concepts of usability, and highlight an understanding of the mechanisms of display.


  • Change The World - This contest category seeks persuasive projects that work to support and develop a specific stance in an innovative or creative manner and utilizing multimodal methods. This can be a UNH or CCSNH group or an individual project.


The Big Winners 2020:

  • Contest winners will be awarded a 1st ($300), 2nd ($200) or 3rd ($100) place prize. There will be three winners for each contest category
  • Winners will be asked to sign a consent form, giving permission for their work to be published on the The HUGEmanitiesTM websites.
  • 2020 Winners will be showcased in a digital HUGEmanitiesTM Big Contest recognition event, and will also be highlighted on


If you’re not sure if your digital project applies, reach out and ask? Email Krista Jackman ( , or Molly Campbell ( with any questions.

These contests are funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; specifically the New Hampshire Humanities Collaborative, and is a UNH COLA initiative.