Data Resources

Spatial Datasets

Thompson Farm Property Boundary:  [KML] [ESRI shapefile]

LiDAR data collected in 2011 at 2-meter resolution are available at:
(Tiles 19_03404773 and 19_03404774 cover Thompson Farm).

G-LiHT (LiDAR, hyperspectral, and thermal remote sensing).  Thompson Farm swath acquired June 2016. 
Data are available at:

Additional statewide GIS datasets are available from:

Long-term observations

AERONET - Aerosol Optical Depth (mounted on walk-up tower, data start in 2006):

PhenoCam - tree canopy phenology (mounted on walk-up tower, data start in 2016):

Meteorological data

Meteorological data beginning in 2010 at a range of time scales (monthly, daily, hourly, and 5-minute) are available from the NOAA CRN Thompson Farm station (WBAN #54795; NH Durham 2 SSW) at:

Biodiversity data

Plant and bird species lists are included in the stewardship plan

Project-specific data archives

Vadeboncoeur, M.A., K.A. Jennings, A.P. Ouimette, and H. Asbjornsen. 2019. Wood alpha-cellulose stable C isotope ratios from New Hampshire and Vermont ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative.