Slideshow of research photos

  • strawberry_flower_bud_tightly_furled_white

    Strawberry flower bud

  • Fragaria_vesca_subspecies_vesca_forma_semperflorens_cultivar_yellow_wonder_strawberry_fruit_and_flower_with_leaves

    Fragaria vesca ssp. vesca f. semperflorens cv.Yellow Wonder

  • Pink strawberry flower

    Pink strawberry flower

  • Strawberry stamens and pistils

    Strawberry stamens and pistils

  • Quinoa inflorescences with seeds

    Quinoa inflorescences with seeds

  • Chenopodium, Odiorne State Park

    Chenopodium, Odiorne State Park

  • FISH photo of strawberry chromosomes

    FISH photo of strawberry chromosomes

  • Novel transcript expression in Rosaceae

    Novel transcript expression in Rosaceae

Davis Lab

Tom Davis
  • The Davis lab research focuses on understanding genome composition and evolution in economically important plants, including strawberries (Fragaria species)quinoa (plus other wild Chenopodium  species, such as lambsquarters), and other domesticated and weedy species.

  • Our strawberry breeding program aims to release new cultivars of several types: varieties with flavorful fruit for fall production; varieties that can be grown from seed; ornamentals with colorful flowers.

  • We also develop genomic resources (genetic maps, genome assemblies) and genotyping tools (SNP array, etc.) for implementation of marker-assisted breeding.