Lise_Mahoney  Dr. Lise L Mahoney, University of New hampshire


With the help of New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station (NHAES) staff and  assistants, Dr. Mahoney maintains thousands of strawberry plants at the Woodman Farm and in the Macfarlane Greenhouse at UNH. Her goal is to breed strawberries with excellent fruit quality and disease resistance, which are long bearing and locally adapted to the Northeast. Her research aims to develop new varieties of strawberries that will meet the changing needs of growers in the region while addressing consumer demands for high quality, locally grown produce and value-added horticultural products.


Kevin Folta  Dr. Kevin M. Folta, University of Florida, Gainesville

Professor and Department Chair, Horticultural Sciences Department

Dr. Folta is a research scientist who uses genomics approaches to understand plant development, physiology and metabolism. He investigates the control of flavors in rosaceous crops, as well as how light controls key plant processes.

Raul Herrera  Dr. Raúl Herrera, Universidad de Talca, Chile

Professor, Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology

Dr. Herrera's research focuses on functional genomics of plant wall dynamics in forest and fruit species, including the Chilean strawberry, Fragaria chiloensis. Additionally, he investigates genetic markers in diversity studies, as well as functional genomics and transcript analysis.

Alejandra Moya  Dra. Alejandra Moya, Universidad de Talca, Chile

Professor, Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology

Dr. Moya investigates the physiology of maturation of climacteric and non-climacteric fruits, among them the Chilean strawberry. She studies the role of ethylene and auxins, the development of aromas, plant wall metabolism, and fruit quality.

Herman Silva  Dr. Herman Silva, Universidad de Chile

Professor, Department of Agricultural Production, in Agricultural Sciences and Agronomic Sciences.

Dr. Silva's main research area is related to functional genomics and bioinformatics in plant species of agronomic interest, including strawberries. His lab investigates how plants respond to abiotic stress, comparative genomics among fruit species to determine metabolic pathways related to the accumulation of functional compounds, and  molecular markers to be used in breeding programs.

Dan Sargent  Dr Daniel James Sargent, Driscoll’s Genetics Limited, UK

Principal scientist – Molecular Genetics
Dr. Sargent is a molecular geneticist currently working for Driscoll’s in the UK. He is responsible for research into molecular marker discovery and the development of tools for marker-assisted breeding for Driscoll’s European breeding programs, and is involved in numerous genetics projects for Driscoll’s globally. His work has traditionally focussed primarily on strawberry, but since joining Driscoll’s he is actively participating in research in all four Driscoll’s crops; strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry.