Mitochondrial DNA transmission, ancestry, and sequences in Fragaria


Mahoney LL, Quimby ML, Shields ME, Davis TM. Mitochondrial DNA transmission, ancestry, and sequences in Fragaria . Acta Hortic. 2010;859 :301-308.


Of the three plant genomic components (nuclear, plastid, and mitochondrial) the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) has received the least research attention. We describe a phylogenetically informative sequence in the matR gene region of the Fragaria (strawberry) mtDNA, and the first mtDNA marker developed for this economically important genus. The sequence was obtained from a fosmid genomic library clone of F. vesca subsp. americana ‘Pawtuckaway’. New mtDNA PCR primer sets work on members of the Rosaceae family, and have potential for broad applicability in the angiosperms. An informative mtDNA CAPS (cleaved amplified polymorphic site) marker provided evidence that mtDNA was transmitted maternally in two interspecific crosses, and that diploid F. iinumae is the likely mtDNA donor to the octoploid species F. chiloensis and F. virginiana, but not to decaploid F. iturupensis. We expanded the database of Fragaria mtDNA sequence by assembling a 67 kb mtDNA contig from Illumina 36 bp paired-end reads from ‘Pawtuckaway’, providing a basis to develop additional mtDNA markers.

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DOI: DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2010.859.35
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