Nodulation mutants in chickpea


Davis TM, Foster KW, Phillips DA. Nodulation mutants in chickpea . Crop Science. 1985;25 (2) :345-348.


As a first step toward future studies of symbiotic N2 fixation in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.), genotypes exhibiting aberrant responses to inoculation with Rhizobium strain CC1192 were isolated by selection following γ,-irradiation mutagenesis of chickpea line P502. In greenhouse experiments, 28 of 968 M2 families contained one or more plants which showed stunted, chlorotic growth after 30 to 35 days under N2-dependent conditions but which resumed vigorous growth with the addition of 8 mM NH4NO5. Of 24 selections advanced to the M4generation, two lines, PM233 and PM665, rep:roducibly failed to form root nodules under various conditions where the parental control P502 was well nodulated. PM233 and PM665 grew vigorously with 8 mM NH4NO5, but PM665 could be distinguished from the wild type by lighter green leaves and slightly crinkled pods. Six other lines exhibited aberrant responses to inoculation in replicated M4-generation testing, but have not yet been satisfactorily characterized.

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